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Cannabis With Evidence

Thank you for choosing CANNACEUTICA, Cannabis With Evidence. This formulation is based on the accumulated knowledge of cannabis medicine and its potential therapeutic effects.

Below are answers to a few of the questions we get most. Not seeing an answer to your question? Send an email to info@Cannaceutica.com.

Medicine bottle containing CANNACEUTICA capsules.

What’s in the capsules?

Simply put, the capsules are filled with a specific formulation of cannabis oil. But actually, CANNACEUTICA is much more than that. It is an evidence-based, lab-tested formulation of THC, CBD, CBC, and CBG developed by a team of PhD formulation scientists. Each of these cannabinoids (cannabis ingredients) has been studied in a growing body of evidence in the treatment of chronic pain. Research is also being done to understand how these cannabinoids behave synergistically (known as the entourage effect) in pain management.

Chart containing the makeup of CANNACEUTICA capsules. Blue Lines Chart Image Blue Lines Chart Mobile Image

THC has been shown to reduce inflammation and lessen the intensity of the body’s pain response. THC is also associated with some side effects at higher doses such as “feeling high.”


CBD has demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties and is believed to work in combination with THC. CBD alone is not known to cause any intoxicating effects.


CBC is known to reduce swelling and provide analgesic effects, and it may reduce side effects associated with THC. It is considered most effective in combination with other cannabis ingredients such as THC and CBD.


CBG also demonstrates anti-inflammatory properties and is not associated with “feeling high.”

Our capsules also contain terpenes, which give plants their distinctive aroma, flavor, and therapeutic effects. Carefully selected terpenes in CANNACEUTICA include caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene, linalool, and cymene.


Finding your oral cannabis dose is one of the most important parts of your successful treatment.

Recommended dosing
Take twice a day, after breakfast and after dinner Chart containing the recommended dosing schedule for CANNACEUTICA. Chart containing the recommended dosing schedule for CANNACEUTICA.

Dosing based on clinical studies. Developed by CANNACEUTICA, Inc., and Niamedic Healthcare & Research Services.

What if I feel high?

Every medicine has side effects. A unique side effect that some patients experience while finding their maintenance dose is “feeling high.” If this happens to you, the data suggest you should simply relax and drink plenty of fluids. (The less official data say drinking lemonade or chewing on a peppercorn can be particularly helpful.) You can also try this breathing technique to help calm you down.

4-7-8 breath
  • Sitting comfortably, breathe in through your nose for 4 counts.
  • Hold your breath for 7 counts.
  • Slowly exhale through your mouth with a “whoosh” for 8 counts.
  • Repeat at least 4 times.

The next time you take CANNACEUTICA after feeling high, go down to the previous dose that did not cause side effects. Stay there for 3 days. After 3 days, you can slowly increase your dose by 2.5 mg THC every 2 days, as needed, until the dose relieves your pain.

You should stop taking CANNACEUTICA if you feel unwell or begin to experience severe abnormal symptoms.

Interested in participating in our clinical study?

CANNACEUTICA is conducting clinical studies for people with chronic pain. Participants in the study have tried at least 2 different treatments (either over-the-counter products or prescription medicines) but they are still experiencing pain or intolerable side effects. Patients with fibromyalgia or cancer pain are being excluded from the study. If you are interested in participating in the current CANNACEUTICA study, tap the button below.

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Is there anyone who should not take CANNACEUTICA?

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should not use CANNACEUTICA or any products containing cannabis.